Setting up the form

Setting up the form

Getting Started

Welcome to! To get started: all you need to do is create a form, and then provide the link to the form to the respondents.

Note: in this guide we shall refer to the individual providing feedback as the end-user.

1. Creating a form

The first step - once logged into the platform - is to create a new feedback form. Once your first widget has been created, you’ll see the following configuration menu:


2. Finding your form’s link

In your form’s configuration view, you shall see a link towards the bottom of the page. No matter which form configurations you change within the platform, your form’s unique link will always stay the same.


3. Linking the form

The form link can be sent to any given end-user, which upon opening will allow them to respond to the form.

(Optional): You can also pass in User ID and Email parameters through the form. The ID parameter is unique, whereas the email tag is not unique. In other words, the form will only except one response from any given ID.

Examples of how the parameters can be passed in are shown below:
💡 form’s can be easily linked in emails, on websites, via messaging apps, or through any other medium.