Form configurations

Form configurations

Form configurations available

There are several ways to configure your forms. Each widget consists of a 5-star rating, and one or more questions for the end-user.


You can change the prompt text for both the 5-star rating and the question prompt. If you are using the AI-Powered setting on the form, you will only be required to manually define the initial question (our AI will draft the follow-up questions).

To change the prompt text, simply click on the text within the Form Preview page - you’ll be able to edit it in-line.


AI-Powered dialogue forms can be AI-Powered so that a natural dialogue with the user is created.

This feature can be toggled on/off through two modes: we call these modes “Single question” and “AI-Powered”.

For forms in the Single question mode, only one manually-defined question will be asked to the end-user (who will then be able to provide a single answer).

For forms toggled to the AI-Powered mode, the first question will be manually-defined, with subsequent follow-up questions being drafted by AI (resulting in a natural feedback dialogue - as if you were interviewing the end-user yourself).

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